Black history month

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Annual Blood Drive

On September 16, 2018 Tenafly Methodist Church allowed me to have my blood drive in one of their large pre-school rooms.  NY Blood Center came to the church with all the equipment and staff needed for a blood drive.  Our goal that day was 30 pints of blood and we collected 26 pints of blood. The 26 pints of donated blood will go on to help up to 78 patients.  This was a very good outcome for patients who need blood. Another success is the number of first time donors that came to my blood drive – 14 first time donors. I thought that locally donated blood would only be used in local hospitals but I learned that local blood banks work nationally to meet needs in other areas.  If a disaster strikes such as the recent Hurricane Florence storm and flooding in North and South Carolina, those blood banks will need help from other areas.  The team working at my blood drive thought that some of the donations made that day might be sent to help with Hurricane Florence relief.  It is this network of local blood banks joining resources that provide the blood patients need.  We learned about the need for blood donation and decided that an annual blood drive could be an effective way to connect with the local community beyond the church members and pre-school parents.  We all learned that a blood donation can travel far from Tenafly and Bergen County and develop connections beyond the Methodist Church.

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